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Precautions for Lotus Grab Accessories Protection

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Precautions for Lotus Grab Accessories Protection
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Lotus Grab belongs to the category of hydraulic structural equipment, consisting of hydraulic cylinders, buckets (jaw plates), connecting columns, bucket ear sleeves, bucket ear plates, tooth seats, bucket teeth, and other spare parts. The hydraulic cylinder is its driving component. Lotus claw can work in various harsh environments, and its unique jaw curve is particularly beneficial for handling irregular materials such as pig iron and scrap steel. Due to the harsh construction environment and high operational difficulty of Lotus Grab, the performance requirements for the mechanical accessories of Lotus Grab are also relatively strict. In order to maintain the good condition of the Lotus Grab accessory, not to affect the use effect of the entire machine due to damage to the accessory, and delay the process of operation, the protective process of the Lotus Grab accessory is essential. below. The Lotus Grab manufacturer will summarize some precautions for the protection of Lotus Grab accessories:

1. For new parts of Lotus Grab that are not used temporarily, it is important not to disassemble the original packaging, but to store them in a ventilated and dry place. However, for used parts, clean diesel oil should be used to wash away dirt such as carbon deposits, and after assembly in pairs, they should be placed in a container containing clean engine oil. The oil level should be high enough to prevent the parts from exposing the oil surface and coming into contact with air.

2. If the Lotus Grab rolling bearing is not in use temporarily, it should not be unpacked and stored in a dry and ventilated place. Used bearings should be cleaned of oil stains, and in addition to being greased, they should be packed in plastic bags or sealed with kraft paper for storage.

3. Rubber products such as oil seals, waterproof rings, rubber ash baffles, tires, etc., even oil resistant rubber products, should be kept away from oil during storage. At the same time, baking, exposure to sunlight, freezing, soaking, etc. should be avoided.

The normal operation of the Lotus Grab cannot be separated from the coordination of various components, so the quality of the parts can also affect the quality of the entire Lotus Grab. Parts that have not been used for a long time must be kept well. If any parts are damaged, please replace them in a timely manner!