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A detailed installation tutorial for wood grabbers

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A detailed installation tutorial for wood grabbers
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Wood grabbers are specifically designed for the work needs of excavators and are widely used for loading and unloading wood, stone, and steel; Laying of medium-sized urban sewage pipelines; For the modeling work of river and sea dams, let's take a look at the installation tutorial for wood grabbers, which is very detailed!

Please correctly select the wood grabber and iron grabber that match your vehicle model and work needs, so as not to affect efficiency due to improper selection.

Before installing the machine, please confirm whether the various dimensions match the dimensions of your excavator, and then connect the wood grabber to the excavator.

Installation of hydraulic pipeline: First, fix the pipe used by the wood grabber from the front end of the small arm, leave movement margin, and firmly bind it to the small arm and large arm of the excavator. Connect the dual valve to the excavator at a reasonable location, fasten the wood grabber pipeline to it, and tighten the inlet and outlet oil from the spare valve of the excavator.

4. To install the pilot pipeline, first select a reasonable position in the cab to fix the foot valve. Connect the inlet and outlet oil of the foot valve with the pilot oil. There are two oil ports on the side of the foot valve, with the upper for return oil and the lower for inlet oil. The control of the signal oil requires three shuttle valves to simultaneously control the backup valve.

5. After installation, please check each pipe joint once. If there is no looseness or incorrect connection, you can start the test run.

6. After starting the vehicle, listen for any abnormalities in the engine. If there is black smoke or choking, please check whether the oil circuit is misconnected.

7. Use of wood grabber: When using the wood grabber rotary assembly for the first time, add sufficient lubricating grease, and then add it every shift to extend the service life of the rotary assembly. Overloading and violent impact are strictly prohibited.