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What are the cold resistance measures for hydraulic pile drivers?

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What are the cold resistance measures for hydraulic pile drivers?
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Hydraulic pile drivers are commonly used equipment in highway engineering, and are also one of the equipment required by various road construction companies and engineering teams of various sizes. If working in cold winter requires some cold protection measures to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, what are the cold protection measures for hydraulic pile drivers? Let's take a look:

1. Do a good job in preheating the hydraulic pile driver

For an engine, when starting at low temperatures, due to the high viscosity of the oil, the lubricating oil may be insufficient for a short period of time and cannot be distributed throughout all lubrication points. At this time, if the engine is running at high speed, it may cause increased wear on the crankshaft, camshaft, rocker shaft, etc., or serious accidents such as cylinder pulling and tile burning. Therefore, after starting the engine, it is necessary to idle for a period of time, and then add load after the water temperature rises. The same is true for the preheating of the hydraulic system. Low temperature and high viscosity of the hydraulic oil make it difficult to absorb oil, and insufficient pump oil affects the strength and sensitivity of the actuating element.

2. Select the oil for the hydraulic pile driver

In winter, fuel and lubricating oil should be selected according to the local low gas temperature. The engine oil also needs to be replaced with different winter oils according to different equipment types to reduce startup and operation resistance and ensure lubrication. Due to the low temperature in winter, the viscosity of hydraulic oil increases, and the negative pressure of hydraulic pump suction increases, resulting in insufficient oil supply, which affects the operating accuracy and sensitivity of the actuating element. Therefore, it is also necessary to select the specified type of hydraulic oil.

3. Strengthen equipment inspection and maintenance

As the temperature decreases, seals at equipment oil cylinders, hydraulic pipe joints, and other parts may crack and contract, resulting in loose sealing and leakage. Transmission connections and bolts may also be affected by low temperatures, resulting in a decrease in strength and stiffness, such as water leakage from the water seal cover plate on the engine side, loose transmission shaft screws, and pin connections falling off. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen inspection, timely identify problems, eliminate small hidden dangers, and avoid causing major failures.

The above are some common cold prevention measures for hydraulic pile drivers. Do you understand them? You can follow the above methods to protect the pile driver from the cold. In addition, strict inspections should be carried out before and after work every day to avoid human accidents, ensure the normal operation of equipment, and ensure the normal progress of winter construction.