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What are the advantages and uses of excavator wood grabbers

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What are the advantages and uses of excavator wood grabbers
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Product advantages: streamlined appearance design, beautiful and generous. The engine adopts a nationally renowned brand, with strong power, reliable operation, and high efficiency and energy saving. The working device is automatically leveled and adopts computer optimized design, with high working efficiency. A new sealed cab, with Grammer seats, can be equipped with cold and warm air conditioning, making the operating environment more comfortable. It can be equipped with a wooden fork, a grass fork, and an enlarged bucket to meet various working conditions.

What are the advantages and uses of excavator wood grabbers

"Wood grabbing machine, as the name suggests, is a machine that grabs wood, generally evolved from hydraulic excavators.". The biggest difference between a wood grabber and an ordinary excavator lies in the difference in the front end working device, which is different in working purposes: ordinary excavators generally have short arms, and the front end is a bucket, which is mainly used for excavation and loading operations; The large and small arms of a wood grabber, commonly known as the "grab arm," are generally longer and have a different shape and structure from ordinary excavators. The front end of the grab is a wood grabber, which is mainly used for loading, unloading, and transporting wood, lumber, reeds, straw, and various strip materials.