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How to install the hydraulic crushing clamp of the excavator

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How to install the hydraulic crushing clamp of the excavator
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Please read the instructions on how to install the hydraulic crushing clamp of the excavator!

1、 After installing the crushing hammer pipeline, first close the crushing hammer pipeline stop valves on both sides of the small arm! Then, let the excavator operator start the excavator, set the accelerator to the neutral position, and step on the breaker foot switch in the cab. Note: Release the foot valve every 1 minute, then step on it for another minute. Step on the foot valve intermittently for 3-5 minutes, and then turn off the engine. At this time, use a wrench to slowly open the oil inlet stop valve of the forearm. When opening, it is recommended that you stand at the rear side of the stop valve to prevent high-pressure oil from spilling onto your body and affecting your instrument. After opening, there is a lot of dirty oil spraying out, so there is no need to be nervous. This is caused by dirt in the pipeline of the crushing hammer mixed with hydraulic oil flowing out. After the hydraulic oil flows out, observe whether the hydraulic oil slowly becomes clear, and then close the stop valve, Then, open the oil return stop valve on the opposite side to drain oil according to the above steps. If the hydraulic oil is still not clear in the above steps, you can restart the excavator and repeat the steps until the hydraulic oil in the pipeline is clear.

2、 After the oil discharge step, the crushing hammer pipeline has become basically clear, and now it has just completed one step. The next step is to strengthen the cleaning effect of the pipeline, ensure that there are no impurities in the pipeline, take out the crushing hammer hose, use this pipeline to connect the inlet and return oil iron pipes at both ends of the small arm in series, and open the stop valves on both sides. At this time, turn the excavator on fire, and set the accelerator to the neutral position. Use your foot to step on the crushing hammer foot valve, releasing it every 1 minute, briefly pausing for 5 seconds, and then continue to step on it. The intermittent time for stepping on the foot valve is also three to five minutes. Then, close the stop valves on both sides. At this time, the impurities in the pipeline are gone. Previously, the oil was drained. This time, the impurities in the large circulation were filtered through the filter element of the excavator, and they have been basically cleaned. Then, install the two-way foot valve, and it can work normally.

3、 After the above two steps, you can connect the crushing hammer tubing to the excavator. Before starting work on the hydraulic crushing clamp, you need to check whether the hydraulic pressure on the crushing hammer tubing is standard. The specific pressure depends on the type of hydraulic crushing clamp you choose. Then apply butter to the grease fitting on the lower cylinder block. Remember to apply butter once every 2-3 hours after hammering, using a butter gun to apply 15 strokes each time.