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Reasons for High Working Efficiency of Hydraulic Crushing Pliers

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Reasons for High Working Efficiency of Hydraulic Crushing Pliers
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Hydraulic crushing tongs are widely used due to their high efficiency and simple operation, requiring only one driver to operate them, eliminating the high cost of manual crushing and increasing reliability. So why is it so efficient? Let's get to know.


1、Open and close widely to improve work efficiency.

1. The jaw teeth are formed into a special shape to firmly hold the concrete block, wedged in and crushed for rapid crushing. The jaw teeth are very strong and have high wear resistance.

2. Tight occlusion with small clearance and flexible operation.

3. Fully understand the usage habits of the market, intensify and strengthen the wear parts and structural components, and double the service life.

2、 Lightweight and fast, creating benefits.

1. Easy disassembly and assembly, oil circuit design, not only doubling the speed of the oil cylinder, but also universal with the crusher, one machine with multiple tasks.

2. Low noise and vibration free, meeting environmental requirements, suitable for demolition projects in cities and high-tech parks.

3. The hydraulic cylinder is equipped with a protective cover to prevent splashing debris from concrete blocks and steel bars.

3、 Rugged and cost saving.

1. Made of high hardness lightweight steel, solid and durable.

2. Large opening design makes work easy and convenient.

3. Equipped with a steel bar cutter, the hydraulic crushing pliers can perform two operations simultaneously, crushing concrete and cutting exposed steel bars, making the crushing operation more efficient.

4、 Strong strength and high efficiency.

1. The working efficiency is two to three times that of a crushing hammer.

2. The operation is fully mechanized, reliable and time saving.

3. Hydraulic crushing tongs can effectively complete a series of operations: separating steel bars from concrete blocks, bending them, and loading them onto trucks, significantly improving work efficiency.